Wednesday, March 21

Celiac Disease Discussed Again on The View

Elisabeth Hasselbeck's recent announcement that she has celiac disease has the whole GF community buzzing about it. It's pretty exciting to have such a visible person speaking out and educating the masses -- especially since, of the the 3 million Americans who have celiac, only 3 percent actually know it. People are suffering needlessly, and I'm glad that several prominent people, including a CNN anchor named Heidi Collins, are using their positions to make a positive difference.

Check out the clip of Elisabeth speaking with a well-known Celiac doc, Dr. Peter Green of NYC. It's the best celiac coverage I've seen on TV so far!

Thanks for watching -- you never know when a friend or family member may be able to benefit from your celiac knowledge. :-)

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Gudie said...

Interesting segment on celiac disease. I didn't realize the complications that could result from celiac disease if left untreated. I remember when you visited me and hadn't been diagnosed yet. You got sick every time we went out to eat! =( I'm glad that you also seem to have found a good Dr. and have learned to manage your diet and health.