Tuesday, September 30

Moving Part 1

**Originally published on Facebook - August 29, 2008**

Several of you have asked about what's up with my status messages ... "What?! You're moving?!" Yes, it's true! Josh quit his job last week, and we just officially put our house on the market last night. It's a long story, but Josh and I came to the conclusion that climbing the corporate ladder, especially living away from all of our family, is not creating the family life or quality of life that we envision and desire. We've considered finding a new job for Josh here in the Nashville area, but the more we thought about it and prayed about it, the more and more sense it made to head back up north. Minus Jess and Stefan, both sides of our family live in PA and NY, and honestly, we're just tired of living so far away!

Josh's dad retires in Sept. 09, and we were making plans for them to retire here in TN, but without Josh's job to hold us here, we decided it makes more sense for us to be the ones who move. Josh's parents have always dreamed of retiring at the family lake in PA (north of Scranton, PA and south of Binghamton, NY), but they were going to forego that dream to be close to us in TN (they say the grandkids are like little magnets). But before they can move anywhere, their house needs a lot of work done to it. Because of Rachel's health over the last 10 years, their house has been at the bottom of the priority list (understandably). Combine their needs with our growing sense that God was drawing this season of life to a close, and voila! -- you have our plan for the next phase.

We are moving to Plattsburgh, NY as soon as we sell our house and/or Josh finds another job in NY. The plan right now is to build an "apartment" in the basement of Josh's parents' house, and we'll live there until we all move to the lake after retirement. We'll be helping them get their house ready, Josh won't be gone for 13-14 hours days (yay!), and we can finally get out from a bunch of business debt. Josh's parents are ECSTATIC, and we're excited to see what life will look like in the next year.

It's a time of healing for us, a time for family, and a time to simplify life and focus on what really matters. God's leading us on another adventure, not unlike our big adventure of moving to Nashville, but it looks different from anything we imagined even a few short months ago. God's giving us peace about this big move, and we're taking each day at a time to see what He has in store.

Well, that's the short story. We'd love to have your prayers with us as we jump out in faith into this multi-generational living thing. Maybe I'll start a new blog. :-)

So...anyone want to buy a house in Fairview, TN?! We'd love to show you around!

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