Monday, October 16

Date Night!

Josh and I had a great night last night. Someone special (you know who you are!) arranged for us to have a free dinner at one of the restaurants at Opryland. The food was fantastic...a marinated portabella salad, salmon stuffed with ricotta and crabmeat served over asparagus, and cappucino creme brulee. (Are you hungry yet?) And that was just MY meal! Yummy, Yummy!

We had a free babysitter (thanks, Grandma!), and the kids were great for her! It was nice to get away for a whole 6 hours -- Laney took a bottle!!! She has refused it the last 2-3 times we tried, so this was a major victory.

Through Opryland, Josh can get $5 movie tickets, so we went to a movie after dinner. We decided to see "Man of the Year" for the comedic relief. It was funny in spots and ever-so-slightly thought provoking, so I'd give it a B+. Josh wasn't crazy about it...more of just "okay." But...a movie?! What a fun treat. ;-)

We even stopped for coffee on the way home and treated our babysitter to a decaf, sugar-free, hazlenut latte. Tasty!

Although I know weekly date nights are ideal, we just don't have that luxury at the moment. The lack of family close by and the lack of funds to pay someone combine for a date night ratio of about 4x/year. Kind of sad, eh? But I know it will improve in a few...well, ummm...years. Like maybe 20 when our kids are up and out?! :-)

But for now, that great date with my sweet hubby will last me for a while.

It's rainy and cold here in Nashville today, so if your weather is like ours, try to find some time to cozy up with a good book and some hot chocolate. Gotta love fall. :-)

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Shelley Fuge said...

Your date night sounded perfect. I guess I don't appreciate those as much as I should...yet. Throw a few kids in the mix and I know I'll appreciate them! Wish we lived closer. I'd offer to babysitt anytime. Distance stinks...that's my new motto. :-) Have a great day and I like your idea of a book and drink. Sounds perfect.