Saturday, October 14

Kaden's First Pumpkin

We love fall!!! We're having a great time enjoying Nashville's idyllic fall weather -- cool, crisp, and sunny! Grandma Hesse is visiting us for two weeks, so we're trying to show her a good time here in the south. :-) Josh was off from work last night, so we decided to take a little trip to a local Farmer's Market-type place to look for the perfect pumpkin. This was the first time we've gotten a pumpkin with Kaden. Long overdue, right?! It was great fun!!

Kaden loved perusing the pumpkins and seeing which ones he could pick up on his own. He especially loved the "Laney-sized" pumpkins b/c he could pick those up in no time...and stack several of them on top of Laney while we were distracted. She was quite interested in them, too, so she was perfectly happy to have someone bring them to her since she was stuck in her seat.

We picked out a fantastic jack-o-lantern, and daddy did some expert carving at home. We have it on the back deck with a candle inside, and Kaden loves it that it lights up. It's always fun to see something ordinary anew through his investigative, inquisitive eyes.

I love family nights, I love fall...I love life!

P.S. Jess's baby, Lilli, continues to improve and grow each day! Thank you, God!!!

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Luci Perry said...

I love fall too :) Glad you are enjoying life!! Things here continue to be just great. I hope I can see you all sometime soon. Love to the whole family.