Friday, December 1

Christmastime is Here Again!

Well, it's Christmas in the Hesse house. We started decorating our tree a few days before Thanksgiving, and we finished it about 2 days ago. [Yes, it took us a week just to decorate it. We had to do it in small spurts to work around the kiddos.] As you can see from the pictures, the tree is currently presentless, but that problem will quickly be remedied when a certain minivan from New York carrying 2 grandparents, 1 great-grandparent, and 1 aunt arrives before Christmas Day.

You may not believe it, but Santa actually loans a few of his reindeer to the Hesses since these world travelers are used to carrying sleighs full of presents for every child in the universe. Yes, we're talking a lot of presents. As in, "We each brought 2 sets of clothes...and the rest is all presents." Plus, I'm sure a few presents will find their way under the tree even before they arrive. It's great to have doting grandparents and great-grandparents, and we're fortunate to have many on both sides of the family. And for more reasons than just Christmas presents, of course!

Back to the issue at hand -- the tree. I'm posting two pics here so you can see it in all its glory. Yes, it's artificial. I know, I know -- where's the authentic Christmas spirit in an artificial tree?! But for those of us with sensitive skin and a weird allergy to evergreens, my skin and lungs thank me for insisting on a fake tree. Plus, no water bowl to keep the kids out of! Josh and I both like that little perk. Maybe one of these years when the kids are older and could enjoy a tree-hunting trip to find the perfect tree I will try to tolerate a live tree again. But for now, it's fake all the way.

My husband says I'm a scrooge, and compared to him, is true. However, I am really enjoying the twinkling lights and listening to Christmas music on the radio and looking forward to sharing Christ's birthday with my family. Christmas is in the air!

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Shelley said...

Hey! We put up our tree as well. I'll have to post a picture of it. :-) We do artificial as well. It's less trouble IMO. I think they look just as nice as real and you don't have to pay for it!