Saturday, December 16


I love this song by Greg Ferguson (of Willow Creek fame). It characterizes God in some ways that I've never seen anywhere else. As we're all gearing up for Christmas, I wanted to share these words for you to ponder in the next few days leading up to the big day. They're simple, but so beautiful! I hope they touch you, too.

"Peacemaker, Fear taker,
Soul soother, Storm smoother,
Mind clearer, Sigh hearer,
Hand holder, Consoler,
Light shiner, Lost finder,
Cloud lifter, Deliverer,
Would binder, Tear drier,
Strength giver, Provider,
Heart toucher, Truth lover,
Heart healer, Kind father,

Who other could be...
Fear taker, My Savior, Peacemaker to me?"

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