Thursday, November 15

I HEART BoxedUp!

I have made a fantastic [online] discovery that I must share with you! It's called BoxedUp -- have you heard of it?!

So most people know you can make "wish lists" on and various other online stores that allow you to pick out your top items for Christmas or an upcoming birthday. Well, I was thinking one day, "Wouldn't it be awesome if there was a website where I could make an online Christmas list, with items from lots of different companies, to share with out-of-town family?!"

I googled "wish list, different companies" and came up with about four different sites that actually provided exactly what I was looking for! I joined two of them and decided on BoxedUp. I LOVE it! I created a separate list for each one of us, and now as I'm browsing online and find an item we want/need, I just click on a little button in my browser, and it adds the item to our lists! Isn't that cool? You can create lists for different rooms in your house, different people in the family, or any way you want to categorize things.

I used to bookmark sites that I liked, and I had them all in a "shopping" folder in my favorites, but this is SO much more efficient. Instead of trying to remember what it was I liked on those sites, I just add items as I find them. No going back, no extra thinking, and no stress trying to think of gift ideas for my family.

So now, when October/November rolls around each year (or a month before any of our birthdays), I won't have to wrack my brain trying to think of gifts when that phone call comes ... "So what do you guys want for _______________?"

Who wouldn't be happy about that?!


Lil_LPerry said...

Hi girl...I tried it...I LOVE Christmas wish list is now published for the world to see :) Thanks for the GREAT idea. Hope to see you soon!

mom said...

Yes, I agree, Jenn- it has made my Christmas shopping much easier this year!

Lil_LPerry said...

Have you quit blogging? I miss you!!!!!!!