Wednesday, November 1

"Aunt Jenn" Has a Nice Ring

After 2 kiddos to call my own, I now have 2 other precious little ones in my life: Lilianna Grace (9/29/06) and Korben James (10/24/06). Aren't they adorable?! When my siblings each got married last summer [Babies already?! Both of them?! I know!], they both said they wanted to wait for many years until they had children. I had no illusions of my kids having cousins near them in age, but God had other plans! I can't say I'm disappointed. :-) Actually, I couldn't be happier--I'm a baby fanatic!

Image hosted by Webshots.comThis pic of Korben will take you to his mama's site where she has other Korben photos uploaded. He was a bear for Halloween!

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