Monday, November 20

Gifting and Breastfeeding: 2 Unlikely Topics!

Have any of you seen the commercials on TV for I checked out the site last night, and man, is it cool!! The neat thing is that you can search for gifts by personality type: for guys, things like metro, country clubber, and outdoorsy; for girls, things like super-mom, trendanista, and domestic diva. They have lists of the top 10 gifts for each personality, and you can shop by price range, too. They have a lot of gifts that are way out of my budget, but I'm sure you could use their ideas and maybe find a bargain at another site or store. Anyway, just thought I'd pass that along b/c I thought the shop-by-personality thing was so neat-o.

And in other news [which just happens to be about something I spend a considerable amount of time doing every day], have you heard about the breastfeeding scandal with Delta? Apparently they're being sued by a woman who was asked to leave the plane b/c she was breastfeeding in her seat in the back of the airplane. Now, I'm no breastfeeding nazi, insisting that everyone nurse until their child is 2 or that women should just sit around with their breasts completely exposed in public, but please! This woman was sitting against the window with her husband beside her, and they actually made her get off the plane!! Now, we don't know how they responded -- perhaps they were kicked off for some sort of road rage response.

I just returned from a trip during which I flew several times and nursed Laney on every flight. Granted, I was using my handy-dandy nursing cover, which I HIGHLY recommend, so I was fully covered. I don't think it's unreasonable for women to cover up while nursing, but it would be nice to feel like breastfeeding was a little more widely accepted. My sister-in-law sent me a link to this blog post, which discusses the topic in a most hilarious manner. I laughed out loud!

Speaking of breastfeeding, my little one is crying. Must run!

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Stacey Owens said...


I was just reading your comments about the breastfeeding scandal with Delta. Here's a link to an article about some protests that were held (I think today)by moms in airports across the country, including right here in Nashville.

I especially loved the signs that some of them carried. =)