Thursday, February 22

Thankful Thursday

Yes, folks. It's that time again. This will be short b/c I'm right in the middle of preparing for company...

1.) Luci is coming today!!! Luci is one of our best friends from college, and she's visiting today with her husband, Luke!!! We'll be meeting Luke for the first time, so we're pretty pumped. We're going to stop by Laurie's store, Petite Boutique, because Luci is one of the 5'4 or under people. :-)

2.) Josh is off work today -- we have him all day to ourselves!

3.) I've had some free time to paint some blank frames that we got at IKEA. I also put 5 small prints that we got on our honeymoon in Banff in a frame and hung it up in our room. We've been dragging this stuff around with us from house to house since 2001, and now they (and we) finally have a home that we're settled in. I'm thankful for the chance to hang up pictures and put down roots.

4.) Warm weather. We didn't wear coats yesterday! Tennessee winter weather keeps us on our toes. Sometimes it's in the 20s, sometimes it's in the 60s! It looks like another beautiful day out there today.

5.) Laney's cheeks. :-) They're extremely kissable, and they make me happy, happy, happy!

Well, folks, I'm off to make a delicious dinner so that it's ready to go in the oven when we get back from Petite Boutique. Have a wonderful day, everyone. :-)

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ByTheBay said...

Hi there - Thanks for visiting my blog! To respond to your question;

It is legal to quote a small section of someone else's writing, if you properly attribute it. You cannot republish an entire recipe. However, one cannot technically copyright a list of ingredients, only the instructions (which is considered the creative part of the recipe) is truly copyrightable. So the legal thing to do would be to write all the instructions in your own words.

The most ethical and safest thing to do, of course, is to rename the recipe, rewrite the instructions, and change the ingredient list at least a little - As well as give some credit to the original author of the recipe. That is generally my approach.