Sunday, February 4

What You Don't Know 'Bout Me...

Well, I've been tagged by my friend Shelley to post 5 little-known facts about myself. So here goes...

1. One of my growing-up dreams was to be a backup singer. No, really. :-) Even though that didn't come true, I now live in Music City USA!

2. I am tactilely challenged. Some people can't eat things if they have a weird texture, but for me, certain substances make me freak out. As a child, I banned all stuffed animals and dolls from my bed b/c I hated feeling fake fur or hair on my fingers. Weird, huh? Now it's mostly reserved for dirt, sticky stuff, anything germ-y, or anything glutenous. I wash my hands a lot. :-)

3. I'm really anti-pet, even moreso now that I have the never-ending job of trying to keep a house clean and tidy. With two little ones under three, I officially have enough messes to clean up without a puppy/dog, too. (Thank you very much!) Oh yeah, animals sort of fall into that I-don't-want-to-touch-them category...they kind of freak me out for some reason.

4. I'm an East Coast gal. I've only ever been west of the Mississippi twice: Canadian Rockies for our honeymoon in 2001 and San Diego to visit my sister in 2006. Kind of crazy, huh?

5. My husband's suggestions for weird and/or little-known things about me? I sleep with my socks on, and I put lotion on my lips. Little known, but not weird, right?!

As my friend Luci did, I tag anyone who wants to participate... :-)


Anonymous said...

Jenn, I enjoyed getting caught up on all your blogs. It is always a treat to read them. Even though we talk and email, I always find out something new about you and your life. I will pray for you on your issue you mentioned in one of your blogs. I'm sure whatever it is, you will get the victory over it. We all have weak areas and the first step is to identify them. I've been doing a lot of that in my own personal life over the past months :-) If there is anything I can do to help, let me know. LOVE MOM

Anonymous said...

PS I go to bed with socks on and put lotion on my lips too, so I guess now you can blame me for some of your weird habits! Mom