Monday, August 27

Beauty vs. Brains

Okay, so I will admit that as a girl growing up, my sister and I used to watch the Miss America pageants each year, pen and paper in hand (so we could rate them ourselves -- we were nerds like that!), eagerly waiting to see who would be crowned the prettiest, bestest, most wonderfulest girl of all. Kind of a Cinderella thing, right? (Minus Prince Charming, but they threw in diamonds, cars, trips, and such, so that kind of evened out.)

Beauty pageant queens have kind of fallen from grace as of late--remember the Donald Trump/Tara Conner debacle? Beauty pageants have long been the bane of feminists everywhere because they elevate the female shape and beauty and pretty much ignore the fact that we women have brains, too!

Unfortunately, in the quest to incorporate more "intellectual" activities into pageants, some girls who are decidedly lacking in that area have been caught tragically in the middle. They have coaches who throw words at them -- apparently "South Africa," "China," and "Iraq" are high on the list -- but what does a girl do when she doesn't know where those countries are or how to speak knowledgably about them? This girl gave it a valliant effort...check it out:

What is she talking about?

Mario Lopez looks so confused. And so am I. This girl is pretty and all, but she's not doing much for the cause of championing beautiful, intelligent women. I feel sorry for her, really!


Gudie said...

Uffda! (I think that is a situation that is well-deserving of the expression.... yikes.)

Lil_LPerry said...

Umm....yeah, I'll just leave it at that for now. But, give me long enough and um, I'll be able to make a smart comment such as, um like the other girls in other countries, "mierda." said...

Hysterical!!! I knew it was going to be good when she started with, "Many US Americans"

Rashey said...

LOL - thanks for posting that. To think, I might have gone my whole life without knowing why many US Americans can't located the US on a map.