Friday, August 31

Congrats Are in Order!

We finally got the good news today on Josh's job! Enough with the hinting!
Josh has officially been promoted to Asst. Manager at Ristorante Volare, the other fine dining restaurant at Opryland. We're very excited about this new chapter, and it's been really neat to see how God has orchestrated all of this. Josh has his sights on moving up through the Food & Beverage department, and we're excited because he's going to get a lot of great business experience, since each restaurant is its own profit center in the hotel. The F&B execs hand-picked Josh to take this job, and it was very gratifying to see that other people are recognizing how talented Josh is. I'm very proud of him! He's built a solid reputation at Opryland for being a great people person, gifted salesman, hard worker, and a man of integrity. I am beaming with pride. :-)

If you live in Nashville, check out Josh's new restaurant for your next date night! It's a beautiful Italian restaurant and very romantic.

Congrats, sweetie! I love you!


Jenn said...

That is awesome news! I am so excited for you all! I will have to mention that place to Heath for our anniversary next month! We love Italian! Way to go Josh!

Lil_LPerry said...

Yeah!!! Our prayers have been answered! I'm so excited for this new stage in your lives. I know God will bless you!!!!

josh said...

Thank you so much! Jenn, your comments were amazing and remind me why I love you so much.

Cheers - to another new adventure.