Wednesday, August 1

The "Pob"

If "pob," "pop," and "posh" sound like noises that Rice Krispies make, you may need a refresher course in current hair fashions. :-) Just for being a faithful reader, I'm going to enlighten you (I'm newly of today!). I arrived at my new hair stylist's salon looking for a bit of fun, summery adventure in the form of a little snip snop. The pile of clothes that no longer fit me keeps growing, which means that it's time to reward myself with a little personal pampering!

After describing what I was looking for, my conversation with my stylist, Linda, went something like this:

Linda: "Hmm...I think we need to go posh spice."
Me: "Posh spice? Please translate."
Linda: "You know -- the pob!"
Me: "The pob? Umm...I'm confused."
Linda: pointing to picture of Victoria Beckham "You know, Posh Spice! Her new haircut is the latest craze!"
Me: "Ahh, yes - Victoria Beckham!" (I'm not sure how I know her name, but I have an amazing memory for useless celebrity trivia.)

And then we were on the same page. Turns out that Linda was trying to gather the courage to give herself a pob and was looking for a willing victim to try out the 'do on. I decided I was up for something wild and crazy. And you can't have a wild hairdo without highlights, right? So I went all out and got the highlights, too.

[Granted, this put me behind schedule, which meant I literally had to drive home with foils still in my hair to pick up the kids and take them back to the salon with me so that Josh could get to a meeting. Her parting words to me were, "Don't take longer than 10 minutes or your hair might fall out!" Oh my. I'm not sure how I get myself into these predicaments. But thankfully, I made it without any hair loss. The threat of frying my hair and subsequent hour of trying to keep the kids under control while sitting in a chair getting my hair cut pretty much ruined the sense of relaxation and pampering. But, I digress.]

So I am now the proud owner of a pob-inspired 'do. I'm loving it! See what you think. :-)

Hair Inspiration:

A Self-Portrait: (sans glasses b/c a girl can dream!)


Jenn said...

Love it - props to you for being brave enough try to it out! I just got mine cut too but trying to wrestle the kiddos while getting it cut was no fun...I hear you on missing the pampering part. hey, maybe in 20 years we can enjoy the pampering part!

Lil_LPerry said...

I LOVE IT!!!!!!! Oh my word. I'm trying to have courage enough to do the same thing, but my hubby would rather I keep the long hair. Eek! Oh, it looks wonderful on you! I can't wait to see it in 'bout tomorrow?!?!?! Love you lots!

Gudie said...

Very cute! How fun to be on the cutting edge of fashion. =) And congrats on adding to the pile of clothes that don't fit. You look good!

Carmen said...

Having seen it in person...


Shelley said...

Can't see the picture!!! I got my hair cut today too. That is so funny about you running to get your kiddos. :-) What we do as parents!

jodi said...

I know nothing, absolutely nothing about fashion and hair, but that cut is sooo cute!