Tuesday, May 15

Fighting Free Radicals & the Energy Blahs

My friend Carmen recently shared on her blog about this awesome nutritional drink called FRS (which I think stands for Free Radical Scavengers). The company is offering a free sample (you have to pay for shipping), and Carmen gave FRS glowing reviews. Josh and I are into protein drinks, smoothies, blended salads, etc. -- pretty much, if it's healthy and you can make it into a drink, I'm all about it. Naturally, this free drink offer made me pretty excited. :-)

My FREE sample came in the mail while were in Florida, and I just opened it last night. I had one with ice last night, and it was very tasty. I got the low-cal orange concentrate version, and it sort of reminds me of an orange julius (yum)...only healthier. This morning, I mixed in 2 oz. with our blended salad smoothies before we went to the Y. It made the smoothie super tasty (Josh said it was his favorite smoothie ever!), and I didn't feel jittery or or anything like some energy drinks make you feel.

Best of all, this stuff has some great health benefits -- check them out on the site. Lance Armstrong is the official endorser, and FRS is the "exclusive beverage he represents worldwide." Pretty impressive. Since he's one of the best athletes of our time, perhaps ALL time, and a cancer survivor, I know he pays attention to what he puts into his body. Good enough for me! I won't be winning the Tour 'de France any time soon, but FRS just might help me during my workouts. A few more minutes on the elliptical machine!! ...Or maybe as an afternoon pick-me-up, as my friend Carmen suggested. As a fellow mom to a three-year-old, I trust her advice. :-)

Let me know what you think if you try it! Enjoy!

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Carmen said...

I love this stuff. My sister just ordered the chews to try for free (you don't have to get the drink). I'll let you know how they are. Of course, they might not be good blended in a smoothie!