Thursday, May 17

Thankful Thursday

It's Thursday again. Time to share a few things from this past week that made my heart happy!

1.) Laney is getting to be quite a talker. She has recently added "ba-bye" (with corresponding wave) and "love oo" to her short list of phrases. It's so adorable to hear her talking in her high-pitched little voice. She loves to snuggle when she gets up from her nap. She leans in for kisses on her forehead, and if I'm really lucky, she gives me a hug, pats my back, and softly says, "Love oo" after I say it to her. It's enough to melt my heart! My baby is growing up, that much I know for sure!

2.) Kaden's "rest with me" scared phase. Okay, I know that sounds weird, but Kaden has been going through this thing where he gets really scared at night. He thinks there are monsters everywhere, and his imagination is going into overdrive. Although I don't like having to go back to his room to re-tuck him in several times, he's been asking me lately to rest with him for a few minutes so he can go to sleep. Even though there's a part of me that wants to rush him to sleep so I can get back to my "me time," I have this awareness that these days won't last forever. Lying in bed whispering about the day and praying to God "for Kaden not to be scared" is a pretty special way to spend my me time. I'm grateful for quiet moments with my normally very busy boy.

3.) I'm reading a fiction book for a freelancing project, and it's a nice diversion from the non-fiction stuff I've been reading. I'm thankful for all the work God's been sending my way -- especially since the beginning of the year.

4.) The Y! I know, it's a standard for me, but really -- it's a blessing. Great childcare, great facility, great classes...YA! Josh and I are in a health-nut phase lately, and we're loving the Y!

5.) Our Anniversary! On Saturday I get to celebrate my sixth year of marriage to my wonderful husband. In September, I will have known Josh for ten years. Gosh, that makes me feel old. :-) But more than that, it makes me feel grateful that God has been so gracious to me. So good to me by giving me this wonderful man to share my life with. I can't wait to celebrate the last six years with my sweet hubby. I love you, baby!

I hope you all have a LOVE-ly weekend. :-)


Heidi said...

Love your Thankful Thursdays...a great reminder to me of the many, so often missed, blessings in life.

Just a thought for the "monsters in my room". When Nichole was little, I heard from someone to take a can of air freshener, make a really cool label "Monster spray" and use it to rid the entire area of monsters! Nichole loved it and sprayed the entire room fresh and clean of monsters! (certainly not to take away from your special time with your little guy nor from Thankful Thursday thought...just an option!)

rhwallace said...

Happy Anniversary! Love Mom

Lil_LPerry said...

Happy Anniversary to you!!!!
Love you both!!!

Shelley said...

Happy Anniversary! 10 years....where did the time go?! I'm so proud of you both and the beautiful life you've created for yourselves. None of us have changed. We've just all grown up. It's a good thing. :-)

JLHesse said...

Heidi - Thanks for the monster spray suggestion. I had heard of doing that, but I never actually tried it until about a week ago. After about 3-4 trips into his room, I decided it was time for something drastic. We don't use it every night, but if praying doesn't reassure him enough, we break out the monster spray. :-)