Wednesday, April 11

The 3-year-old Art Critic

Funny story. Kaden and I were drawing this morning, and he asked me to draw a playground. I crafted a beautiful swingset, complete with giant slide -- Kaden's favorite. I was proud, but my drawings are elementary at best! :-) A few minutes later, he asked me to draw a baby. I started drawing my impression of a baby swaddled in a blanket, but Kaden was decidedly unimpressed.

He exclaimed, "No, Mom! Not a snowman! I said a baby!!!"

I started laughing and said, "Oh, okay, buddy. Let me try again. I guess Mommy's just not a very good artist."

He quicky reassured me: "No, really are. You're a great artist."

I love the truth-telling (because my baby really did look like a snowman!), but I also love how eager he is to encourage everyone around him. It's something that Josh and I have always tried to do with him, and it's exciting to see that encouraging spirit coming out in him already.

Now we're off to our next project -- "cooking" with water, soap, and pepper. I know what's on the lunch menu!

Life is never dull with a 3-year-old. I highly recommend it.

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