Friday, April 13

The Federal Gov't. = My New Best Friend

You know you're about to get good news when your accountant -- at tax time -- says, "Jenn, you're going to be very happy with the federal government!"

To the tune of a $3000 refund! Whoa! Something about an earned income credit and the child allowances. All I know is that having a baby in 2006 was our best financial decision of the whole year! :-)

Now before you get too envious, just know that you have to have had a pretty lousy financial year for the government to feel sorry enough for you to willingly give up $3000. I wouldn't wish our 2006 finances on anyone, but boy, I'm feeling pretty good today! :-)

Just wanted to share that blessing. It's a huge one! Thank you, God!

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Lil_LPerry said...

I think Laney was a GREAT decision ;) She's such a cutie. I'm glad things worked out for you to get such a decent refund! That's always nice. Love you and miss you!!!