Saturday, April 7


On Delaney's birthday, we were surprised with a free dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. Ya! Very tasty. Before our food came, I whisked Kaden off for a little adventure to keep him occupied for a while. Our Cheesecake Factory is attached to a mall, and we ended up strolling in there for a minute. I spotted a store that caught my eye called Teavana. Josh and I love tea, especially loose tea, so the store caught my eye. So much so that my interest outweighed my common sense of not taking Kaden into a store with intricate teapots on every surface.

But the risk paid off: he was a perfectly behaved boy, and I scored some really tasty tea. Doesn't this tea look like a trail mix or something? It's amazing! This is a blend of Caribbean Breeze and Apple Pomegranate. Sounds kind of crazy, but it is so good -- fruity, sweet, and it tastes like juice! They're all about blending teas, which I think is pretty neat.

I love drinking tea. It's relaxing and such a special treat. I just enjoyed two cups of this tonight, and I had to post a pic. I know summer is coming, but you can also use these for iced teas.

Happy tea drinking!

P.S. I also recommend Upton Tea Company -- we've ordered from them several times, and I think their prices are more affordable.

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MLE said...

I thought that picture was your looks like a meal not!!!

I have some Yerba Matte which is a tea...I'm's suppose to be really good for you...check it out on the net...