Tuesday, April 3

Happy First Birthday, Delaney!

Believe it or not, our children were born exactly 2 years and 5 days apart ... which means that today we are celebrating one whole year with our sweet baby girl, Delaney Rhys. Miss Delaney was in a hurry to enter the world, arriving just 45 minutes after I arrived safely in my hospital bed. [Phew!] But then, a day after her birth, things slowed waaaaaaay down when she was admitted to the NICU for severe jaundice, which lasted for about 5 days. At the time, it was challenging because we weren't prepared to spend so many days in the hospital, but our small group friends pulled together for us to watch Kaden and provide meals. Josh's mom also flew down about 2 days after Laney was born to help out for a week.

Despite an "exciting" start to life (for our next baby, I will be camping out at the hospital!)...and a longer than average hospital stay, her first year has been relatively uneventful. When I think about her being one whole year old, it's just hard to believe. She seems more baby-ish than Kaden did at her age. I'm not sure if it's the second child thing, or that she's more low-key, or that she's a girl...or maybe just her personality. She is less busy than Kaden [Hooray for small favors!], but much more melodramatic. She's a fan of throwing her head back, looking up to the sky, and bellowing out big wailing cries if something rubs her the wrong way. She's happy 99% of the time, but if she gets going, watch out!

Laney's favorite thing in this world is a tasty banana. She eats some at almost every meal because it's a fail-safe choice for me! She also loves her brother -- and he loves her. They play together pretty well. Kaden tends to be a little too "loving" with her, but she lets me know if she needs my help (see above for melodramatic tendencies). :-)

Laney had a great birthday today. She had birthday pancakes - complete with one candle - for breakfast, a nice bath to de-gunk from the syrup, a relaxing massage, her very first haircut, mac 'n cheese for lunch, 2 nice naps, and as a special treat (for mommy and daddy), we were all treated to a wonderful dinner at the Cheesecake Factory tonight. Yummy! Not bad for a first birthday, right?

Our first year with Delaney has been such a delight, and Josh and I are looking forward to many more years of birthday pancakes with our little girl. Happy Birthday, Delaney. I love you very much!

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Lil_LPerry said...

I can't believe that my sweetness is a year old!!! That means in just a few weeks, I will have been married for a year! Wow! Time goes by SO quickly. I'm glad she had a special day! Please hug her for us and let her know that we love her to pieces!!!! Happy Birthday, Laney!