Wednesday, January 3

10 Questions for the New Year

I recently read this on one of the blogs I frequent, and I wanted to pass it on: Ten Questions for the New Year.

I liked the way the questions help you zero in on specific things you'd like to accomplish in the coming year -- besides getting off those pesky 5-10 pounds. :-) I also really liked the other 21 questions he lists after the first 10. I plan to spend some time pondering these questions in the next few weeks, and I thought I'd pass on the list in case it might be of interest to anyone else.

There's a lot of talk about New Year's Resolutions this week, and I'm hoping these questions will help me to identify some meaningful and measurable goals to work toward throughout 2007.

Are you making resolutions this year? Tell me what your goals are if you want to share!

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Ashley said...

Thanks for sharing - very thought provoking!