Monday, January 29

Gluten-Free Chic

Anyone watch "The View" on TV? Well, last week on Friday, one of the hosts, Elizabeth Hasselbeck, announced that she has celiac disease, just like me!

Here's a link to another blog that talks about the segment: Gluten-Free NYC.

It's nice to hear of celebrities who have celiac -- people who can speak out and bring more attention to the disease. More attention, more research...maybe someday a cure?! I don't spend my days pining after bread, but every once in a while I wish I could just go back to being "normal." Anyway, just wondering if anyone saw the show and thought of me!

Now, if only that size 2 figure of Elizabeth's went along with the celiac package. :-)


Shelley said...

Ah phooey...who wants to be a size 2 anyway...:-) I've been a size 12 since I was 16. I don't think my body is going to budge now. (my mother and sister-in-law are size zeros for real). Did you get my e-mail on Tofutti? I had never heard of Celiac disease until you talked about it. Yeah. I would miss bread too. :-( I'm sorry you can't eat it. Blessings on you today!

Luci said...

I didn't get to see the show, but I do like to watch it sometimes :) I think Elizabeth is so cute, but not as cute as you ;) Love you lots. Anyway, I have a friend in NY who is going through a really rough time right now. She is having MAJOR health problems, and they don't know what is wrong with her. She has lost over 110 lbs - and continues to lose. She can't eat hardly anything. She has been tested for celiac twice, but they say she doesn't have it. I feel SO bad for her! I passed along the link that you had posted. I'm so glad that you are able to manage it and still function. I love you and can NOT wait to see you in a few weeks. I'm so excited, I can hardly stand it!