Monday, January 22

Happy Birthday, Jess!

I am officially two days late in writing this blog, but I'm cheating by post-dating it to show my sister's actual birthday: January 22nd. Sorry for the belated blog wishes!

My sister is such an amazing person, friend, wife, and new mom that I am honored to know and love her. So Happy Birthday, sis! You are one of my closest friends and most favorite-est people in the whole world! :-) I am very excited about 2007 because our two families are going to have a few years of togetherness to look forward to. (Stefan & Jess are moving to Nashville later this year so that Stefan can complete his doctorate in International Politics at Vanderbilt University. YA!)

Well, Jess, I know you had a great birthday, and I think 2007 is going to be a pretty awesome year for you, too. Love, hugs, and best wishes to you! XOXO Love, Jenn

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Rambo! I love you too!!!!