Friday, January 26

Baby Meets Google

Older "boomer" types (and beyond) often comment to me that they can't believe all the baby gear that we have nowadays. Usually, they speak wistfully of these items, wishing they could have had some of our modern conveniences when their babies were young. I'm talking Bumbo chairs, pack-n-plays, removable infant car seats, Baby Bjorns, know, all the gadgets and whatchamacallits. So then I was thinking, What one parenting tool could I not live without?

In .02 seconds, my mind returned this result: the Internet!

It's true. Take my Snugli, take my Bumbo, take my light-up, sing-out toys (yes, please do take those!)...but please, please don't take the Internet away -- and especially Google! I love having so much information at my fingertips, and when you're constantly treading into new phases of toddlerdom and babyhood, it's nice to know that you can find out what's normal and even find support from other parents who have been there.

Now of course, I use the Internet for non-parenting stuff like email and such, but I honestly do use it a lot as a mom. Take for example some of my recent Google searches:

  • infant, fever

  • robeez crib shoes

  • 2-year-old, napping [This is a blog in itself, Dear Reader.]

  • average formula feeding, 9-month-old

  • Nuby sippy cup replacement spouts

  • digital scrapbooking [Laney is baby book-less...poor thing!]

  • family bowling, middle tennessee

So that made me wonder, if AOL can flub up and release personal search information, what might my Google searches say about me if they were ever to reach the light of day? I think I would be easy to track down based on my frequent use of Google. So what would your Google searches say about you?

P.S. As a side note, I worked for about a year with the author of this article. It was weird to see his name pop up guessed it, Google. :-)


Rashy said...

I just ordered my digital scrapbooking software - I did a ton of research (very frustrating!) and finally chose Scrapbook Factory® Deluxe 3.0 I can't wait for it to come - I'll let you know how it goes!

Shelley said...

Wow. Digital Scrapbooking. Now that's something I have yet to am in complete agreement on the internet. Take it all, just let me keep my outlet to the world. internet searches would basically be the same as yours. :-)Recently, it would be mostly about breastfeeding for sure.